Hurricane Ian

Got this from Whizzer this morning:

Good morning!

We're getting outa Dodge and heading due east to Stuart and a hotel room until Friday morning. Not sure what we'll find there but at least we will be out of the path of the hurricane which is expected to hit just south of Englewood.

Whizzer lives in Englewood.
Here in Lake Placid, Fla. we are awaiting the arrival, shutters in place over windows, 2 large generators ready to go, I have an external plug in to tie into whole house power panel, enough food for 2 years (I always have that), enough gas to run gens for 3 weeks.

Looks like we will get the western wall over us sometime tonight.

These damn things always seem to come at night.

If interested, go to Channel 28 ABC Tampa for constant updates, they are the best in the area for up to the minute info.
Are you in a safe place?
I’m out on the Space Coast where it shouldn’t be too bad, but still have a lot of family and friends back over in inland Hillsborough and Citrus. It’s not going to be as direct there as it was looking a few days ago but it’s just so big and powerful to be too confident about anything. Most of the state is going to feel this one way or another.
If you ever think your job sucks, just think about these weather men and women who are having to broadcast from the eyewall of this hurricane. They always say they are safe, but it doesn't look safe to me.
Jim Cantore just about got taken out live on air by a tree.
Cantore is a D bag to the Nth degree... Met him at Faneuil Hall once and he was such a condescending Douche...
I'll always root for the elements when people like that think they can "Report" on live conditions..
Reed Timmer seems like a cool guy if you can get over Reed being loud.
Got a note from Whizzer. Their house may have some bad damage --- the carport/storage room/sunporch may be gone. He said
they may drive home on Saturday and take a look. If it's too bad, may head to their son's home in Mooresville.
Waiting for roads to clear around Arcadia. Seems they are flooded and in some places, Peace River, eroded according to Florida Highway reports which are updated regularly. Hope to go back to Englewood tomorrow. Initial report is total destruction of carport, lanai and incorporated shed housing washer and dryer. No info on huge oak trees in side yard and no report on sun room but main house is livable except siding gone from back.
Totally new appreciation for manufactured home construction after this storm.

Currently no power and according to information received, it will be some time before it is restored mainly because of flying aluminum cutting through wires and concern for people being electrocuted while picking up debris. No water and no sewer (this is where a septic system is good) and no idea when they will be back on line. Typical mushroom farming process concerning information.
When I get pictures I'll post them but that must wait until we can return.
Once we return, if things are not back in service, we'll head for Mooresville, NC and stay with our son. We just came from there and were only home two days before evacuating to the east coast!! From what little we have learned, we are some of the fortunate ones when it came to damage. A lot of pictures seen on facebook show homes damaged along with cars left to use during snowbird season that were damaged by flying debris.
A wannabe meteorologist in the community reported high winds lasted 20 hours due to the slow movement of the storm and sustained speeds of 85 to 150 mph. I'll bet his little home-installed weather station wind gauge blew a fuse spinning that fast!!

Englewood skirted the eye of the storm but it looks like Lake Placid and/or Sebring took a direct hit. Hope everyone from that area is safe!!
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