Hut Stricklin out of #23?



I heard on Inside Winston Cup yesterday (and Jayski's confirms) that Kenny Wallace has been signed by Bill Davis Racing to drive the #23 Dodge, with Stacker II as a possible replacement for Hills Bros if they decide to leave. Unless they plan on fielding a third team, where would this place Hut Stricklin?

I like Kenny Wallace a lot, but would feel bad if Hut got screwed out of a ride. What do you all think?
From what I've seen I thought the Kenny/Stacker2 deal was independent of the #23 car. The Stacker 2 sposnosrship is reported to be worth $12 million and would have created another (third?) WC team for Bill Davis.

Davis has a 5 year deal with Caterpillar and a 2 year deal with Ward so that team is set for 2 years at least.

Hut's ride I suppose now rides on Hills Bros decision for next season. Seems I read or heard that they might not renew the car and limit their sponsorship to the All-Pro series. (I think that's the series they currently sponsor) But that no definite decision has been made.

Another question is what does this all mean regarding Scott Wimmer's plans to join WC??
Round and round she goes, where she stops, nobody knows.

I feel like I'm watching the roulette wheel in a casino, waiting for the ball to drop into a slot.
I thought Kenny still had another year on his contract?
I dunno what exactly is the truth, guys, but Allen Bestwick did seem to question where this move would place Hut.

Of course, Allen's a bit of a blockhead anyway, I guess...
Bestwick's one a them thar Yankee pretty boys anyhow, ain't he?
Walrus, I wouldn't exactly call him a pretty boy (blecch!), but he's definitely a Yankee.

I think Kevin Harvick put it best when he referred to him as "Helmet Head"! :p
That'd work...........HelmetHead...........Chitter Chatter bang bang.
Please don't group him with us "Yankees" Bestwick is one of them Hollywood California boys I'm sure, and you all know how it goes "actually if your from California your not really a yankee, your not really anything...."
Currently Bill Davis Racing is looking at 4 teams for next year:

#22 Ward Burton Catapillar
#23 Hut Stricklin Hills Brothers
#27 Scott Wimmer Siemens
#?? Kenny Wallace Stacker 2

I'll guarantee you that Bill Davis Racing will not have four teams next year, so at least one of these deals is going to fall through.

Considering Hills Brothers is only paying $6 million, I think Hut Stricklen has been doing pretty well. He was running in the top-10 all day at New Hampshire, but got into the wall trying to avoid a late wreck at the end of the race. But if Stacker 2 comes on board with $12 million, there might not be room for Hills Brothers anyway.

Almost sounds like another Rudd-Havoline-Yates controversy in the works. *shivers*
Hell, I'd be a lot happier if they could just get Ward competitive 4 weeks out of 5. Kenny and Ward as clash of personalities THERE, huh? I can see it now. Kenny tries to sucker Ward into a gym full of wrestlers, Ward takes out a Remington and shoots him, next we see of Kenny is mounted on a wall in Ward's den.
wish kenny was to drive a chevy. Bill Davis is about chamionship caliber people, he always has been look at some of his drivers past. bobby labonte, jeff gordon, jeff burton... i think he knows what he is doing, except for going with dodge:eek:
Considering the team, I think they've been running pretty well. They seem to be a mid pack car, so I'm alittle surprised.
Lets hope Kenny can prove himself now. I think Ward and Bill Davis are better off with him in the car than HUT.
Looks like the demise of the Hills Brothers team is imminent as it appears the sponsor was only interested in a one-year deal. Looks like Hut will be another driver looking for a ride next year.
Hut may take his last ride at Homestead...his reputatinn is now ruined. Young guns are wanted not older veterans.
Originally posted by be9ak7ts16
Another good driver in a crappy ride!!!

I hope you aren't talking about Kenny Wallace. He has been an accident waiting to happen this year. Similiar to MWaltrip's year last year.
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