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shadowflames said:
nascar: chase for the cup (the game)
I love that game too, can't for NASCAR 06 to come out in a couple months or so.
^ Ya that sounds right, but I just realized I have a GameCube and NASCAR 06 isn't coming out on GameCube.... :(

That new XBox 360 is coming out in November, the graphics are so good they look real.
really? you like the 360? me, not too much, i'm not really an xbox fan. i'm, more of an sony fan you know? anyways i think nascar 06' is gonna come out for the gc..i mean after all they said that nascar 05 wasn't coming out for the gamecube..and now look..it is indeed out for the gc aswell so you never know...money talks
When my daughter calls from her dad's to just say I love you .
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