I miss Dale Sr.

Me too....Its just not the same without him. Racing just isnt as exciting without that black 3.
Not a day goes by I don't have a thought about him or his family, shows up worse on Sundays.
I Miss Him 2, He Was Relly The Olny Racer I Liked And Still When Some One Ask Who Do I Like I Give "The 3 Finger Salute" Or Say Still #3
we have seen him it orther wrecks like below and walked a way fine. i dont understand why he was taken from us
well, i rejoice for where he is and hope that i am not being selfish for saying i wish he was still here. i hope someone can step up and add back to racing what dale sr. left behind
He died doing what he loved. We should all be so lucky.

I miss all the drivers that have died throughout the 90's. No one ever seems to care about them. Only Dale Earnhardt.
I remember hearing about Alan dying in the plane crash. The lap his hauler took around Bristol in the rain, then taking the checkered flag tore me to pieces.

Davy's death in a helicopter accident seemed so senseless, so wasteful.

Adam and Kenny were so full of life, such joyful young men.

I think the difference is that all 4 of these deaths were not in full view of 150,000 people and on national television. Their deaths were just as tragic, even more so in Adam's case.

I think the fact that it happened in front of my eyes, while I was cheering for Mikey and Junior, so over-joyed that Michael was going to win a race, that tore at me.

Believe me, I miss all of them. :(
I miss Dale Sr. and the races are not the same without him.He was the best IMO and also had a great personality. He also drew many new fans to NASCAR with his exciting driving style and winning so many races.

The other drivers who have died were all important people in their own right and it is sad when any of them are killed.
Sometimes I wonder what the sport would be like if he was still around. Whether you loved him or hated him, he did a lot for the sport and he is missed.
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