IF game

(with what money?:p )

If you're going out to taco bell, then I'm extremly jelous (?).
(with the money i took out of your wallet without you knowing!:nyanya:)

If your extremly jelous, then stop, cause i'm gonna need a driver!
If i get "happy" Harvick, then I'll be "happy"!!:loveya
If you want some cookies, you need to go somewhere else to get them. (There mine. HAHAHAHA!!)

If i have to go somewhere else to get them, i'll go get some chips and donuts too! mmmmmm!!:takethat:
If those two don't quit bickering, I'm gonna spank 'em both. :p
If you spank me, I'll raid your house. Katy will help too. I'm sure Kat, Lappy, sg88 and whoever else will help also.:p
If your my probation officer, then I'm extremly scared.

Any Harvick fan:takethat: TN
IF there were any Harvick fans willing to admit it, I'd be surprised. :ROFLMFAO:
Why?, because my sister thinks he's a hottie. I like him because he does the fattest burnouts and is kinda a home-town hero.
(Just pickin at ya)

IF your sister thinks he's a hottie, she is attracted to balding men.
If my sister is attracted to bald guys, then she must like the Bodine family.
Dude, you are cool beyond your years.

IF she likes the Bodines, she needs a new driver.
If she'll root for Waltrip, she must be getting very desparate.
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