If you could change one thing about nascar...

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  1. Dethrown Brian France and make (insert person here) NASCAR President

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  2. Eliminate ESPN/TNT/FOX from their NASCAR coverage

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  3. Eliminate Fakie Debris Cautions

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  4. Eliminate the Chase

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  5. Change the point system in a way that doesn't involve the chase

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  6. Eliminate Offical Sponsers of NASCAR and hook them up with small teams in need

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  7. Allow there to be more oppertunities/publicity for small teams

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  8. Hire a Jet Dryer to ram Juan Montoya every race

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  9. Hire 5 guys in Hummers to ram Jaques Villanueve/Steven Wallace/John Wrecks Weekly every race

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  10. Other (say in your post)

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  1. What would it be?
  2. KevinWI

    KevinWI Oldest Operating Motor Speedway In The World

    Maybe it's because it's the day of the race, but no NASCAR at the Brickyard for me. As I've repeated ad nauseum, I'm an Indy purist and think there should be one race there a year in the month of May. Would make me feel a lot better and you could send the date somewhere cool like Iowa.

    A Cup race at Road America would be a close second.

    Getting rid of the restrictor plates would be a dream choice, but would never happen due to liability/insurance concerns. Not even in the realm of remotely mentioning.
  3. Shoot I meant to include erasing a track. Knew I was forgetting something :p
  4. PeopleAreStrange

    PeopleAreStrange 2016 Yahoo Fantasy R-F Champion

    Had a hard time choosing between "eliminate fake debris cautions" and "eliminate the chase", but I went with the latter.
  5. Reck

    Reck Team Owner

    Get rid of the chase then change that horrib point system.

    These points are more punitive than rewarding. One single race can undo your whole season. How is that fair?
  6. Lazyking

    Lazyking Over the Cassill we go

    I would make it so that Their would be no half nots/ s&p's in Nascar. Every one in the field would have a chance to win with the right setup and Driver. Some cars and teams no matter what driver they have no shot at winning. That is partially why I'm a fan of a chase, because at least the chase eliminates the jobbers from the title they had no shot of winning any way.

    It's a part of all motorsports and I know it's not really reality but whatever, I want to see every driver in the field have a legit shot of winning..

    A more likely alternative to that is shortening the field to like 30 or so teams. Still, no matter the number, some teams would fall to the wayside.
  7. ted@economy

    [email protected] in the interest of equal time

    The 'fans' who constantly want to change the sport. They gotta be the worst 'fans' in the world. I never hear baseball fans wanting a fourth strike , golf fans wanting only 17 holes , football fans wanting to eliminate passing.Why ? Because they wouldn't be called 'fans' ,that's why . THEY'D BE CALLED KOOKS.
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  8. Greg

    Greg 2014 RF YAHOO CHAMP Your leader

    Ok I am kook.

    Aside from roadcoures there will be NO cup races at tracks bigger than Darlington.
  9. ted@economy

    [email protected] in the interest of equal time

    Please tell us how many start and parks there were at Indy.
  10. Lazyking

    Lazyking Over the Cassill we go

    None but that's not my main point. Timmy Hill has no shot of winning any race at any point this year.. David Ragan won at Talladega but that place and Daytona are the only places the team could win because the car isn't good enough. I would change that if I could.
  11. FLRacingFan

    FLRacingFan Team Owner

    Fans of any and all sports gripe.
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  12. Reck

    Reck Team Owner

    Thank you.

    Just because you have a few complaints doesn't make you any less of a fan.

    And genius Ted, I have seem plenty of people who are actual fans of Basketball, Baseball to even Golf complain about how the game is played.

    Take Baseball for instance. Just a few weeks ago there was a thread on a board I frequent that was discussing what could be done to speed up the game and such.

    Wanting to regulate a sport to make it more fun to watch means you're a"kook" what does that even mean anyway? Eh your opinion.
  13. ted@economy

    [email protected] in the interest of equal time

    I don't get it . a car meets all the tech inspections , qualifies on speed , maintains minimum speed on track ,and you say he has no right to be out there ? It's not some kind of private club for super teams only . Man ,that's where Nascar started .
  14. Thegroundpounder99

    Thegroundpounder99 Bull in a China Shop

    Damn you really are paranoid about S&P's:confused: So there was no S&P's at Indy, great, that's the way it should be. Bring a race car capable of racing or leave the piece of sh!t at home.
  15. Greg

    Greg 2014 RF YAHOO CHAMP Your leader

    Need trophy queens that show more than a Taliban girl.
  16. Lazyking

    Lazyking Over the Cassill we go

    I don't go on and gripe about it nonstop, it's just what this thread asked for.. That's what I would change. I'm not calling for super teams either, Every motorsport in the world has those teams anyway, Nascar is no exception. All I want is a competitive field from top to bottom. I know it's not realistic but just maintaining a certain speed is not being competitive. It's doing the bare minimum.
  17. I would make the chase only the top 10 drivers again. Move Darlington back to Labor Day. I'd bring back the Winston Million, or I guess the Sprint Cup Million: Daytona, Talladega, Charlotte, Brickyard, & Darlington. You'd still have to win three of those to claim the bonus but in this case, 2 drivers could head into Darlington with a shot at it. Limit Cup drivers to only 7 starts in the other series. Work out a deal where Coors Light would sponsor something else & put Budweiser in complete control of Poles, this way you wouldn't have Coors Light Pole Awards during the season & then a Bud Shootout for pole winners, & you would have a real Miss Budweiser & not just the name of some Hydro Boat on a lake. Perhaps make a Coors Light Hard Charger Award, used to be True Value. Bring back Miller High Life as the sponsor of a 500 mile race. Designate & enforce tobacco use areas at all NASCAR tracks, no smoking or spitting in the stands not even in bottles or whatever. Make the Las Vegas race the last event of the season that way they don't finish at homestead & then have to truck all the way out to Vegas just for the awards show. Drop annual HOF inductee's from 5 to just 2 deserving folks a year. That's about all I can think of right now.
  18. ToyYoda

    ToyYoda Team Owner

    I went with "other" and it relates to the Chase. I don't think it needs to be eliminated, just tweaked a bit. As I have stated in several posts before, at the start of the Chase , along with the 3 bonus points per win I'd also add an additional 2 point bonus for every position a driver finished the reg. season above 11th in points, so the regular season points position would actually mean something.
    Changing the tracks up wouldn't hurt either, but I know that's easier said than done. Too many mile-and-a-halfs in the Chase right now, 5 of the 10 races to be exact (Chicagoland, Kansas, Charlotte, Texas, and Homestead).
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  19. Charlie Spencer

    Charlie Spencer Short tracks and road courses rule.

    Reduce the length of races; cut each in half. Instead run two qualifying races, similar to the Daytona qualifiers, each one-quarter of the original main race, on the same day as the main. Qualifying races would award points on the current plan, main events would award three times as many. This would eliminate 'riding around'.


    Knock down the banking at Daytona and Talladega, convert them to road courses, and otherwise reconfigure them to eliminate the need for restrictor plates.


    Dump the Chase and go back to the pre-2004 points system.
  20. Honkykong

    Honkykong Guest

    I would let junior run 12 inch tires...or I would start a seperate championship combineing trucks nationwide and cup points at the tracks that all three run on the same weekends.. Kinda like a overall nascar champion ship...
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  21. BobbyFord

    BobbyFord Resident Gearhead Contributor

    I would eliminate the Chase and I'd put restrictions on track repaving.
  22. Kyle18fan

    Kyle18fan Guest

    There should be no "off season" its just not fair to the fans to go without Nascar for such a long period of time :(
  23. DSquad48

    DSquad48 Wizard/Mall Santa

    Yep, and let em race in the snow :D
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  24. Kyle18fan

    Kyle18fan Guest

    Hell yes !!!! I would travel to see it. Or they could just race at Phoenix all winter, every day is warm and sunny and the fans would show up :D
  25. DSquad48

    DSquad48 Wizard/Mall Santa

    If only :(
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  26. Kyle18fan

    Kyle18fan Guest

    Guess who the champ would be this year :D
  27. Reck

    Reck Team Owner


    10 months out of 12 is not enough for you? NASCAR has the longest seasons of any American sport.

    Poor guys barely get 1 and a half months off because by January they have to do testings and all sorts of NASCAR related stuff.
  28. Kyle18fan

    Kyle18fan Guest

    Well OK then, Give em a week off and get em back in the cars. ;)
  29. Reck

    Reck Team Owner

    Only an arizonian.. :D
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  30. Kyle18fan

    Kyle18fan Guest

    Yep we got a great track and the greatest fans in the world. NOBODY loves their Nascar more than us gun toten zonies :lol2:
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  31. I wish I got 6 weeks off every year :)
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  32. Johali

    Johali Team Owner Contributor

    Answer to thread title. Force the tracks to sell $1 hamburgers and $2 beer.
  33. mreed

    mreed Guest

    Actually the Chase puts teams into championship contention that would never have any chance to win the championship if the points weren't reset.

    Considering Brian France has made more changes to the sport than what any fans have ever called for, does that make you one of the 'worst fans in the world' for backing the guy that is constantly changing nascar?

    The change I would make is make me the pace car driver.

    If that don't fly, I'd say scrap the chase keeping the current way points are tallied per race. The championship goes to the team that accumulates the most points over the entire season.
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