If your gonna qualify you should race


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Jun 14, 2002
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What is the deal with geoffery bodine. he takes a few laps and parks it. the anouncers said this was planned. It is my understanding that they only had 41 cars and needed to fill the field. That is fine but at least fill it with teams that want to race.
And wreck a perfectly good racecar?

Travis Carter might have lots of bucks but he ain't got enuf to afford to afford to build a new car.
Looks like travis picked up an easy 40g's, and only my opinion, whatever nascar kicked down under the table to fill the field.
Nothing new and it won't be the last time either. A complete non issue as far the race went.

Officially, Bodine retired due to rear gear failure and Shelmerdine because of a failed oil pump.

Whatever. The teams earned $42,000 each and might just be able to try again. Good on 'em if they do.
"he won't be running a full race, and probably a very short race. Never saw the track til today, practiced on old tires, so he didn't know what it would do on new tires, but loves the track. He is sharing the crew of 5 or 6 with the primary car. " (7/20/02)
Nobody else was there, why not enter your back-up car and make some extra bucks.

What I don't get is for teams that knew they weren't going to be in teh race long, like Geoffrey Bodine, Kirk Shmelderine, and Morgan Shepherd, how come none of them tried staying out on that first caution and leading a lap or two under the caution? At least then they would have gotten some attention so we would have known they were in the danged race.
because then the public would be asking, why'd you drop out of the race? and their answer would be, we can't afford to have something go wrong.
What if it was as simple as the teams couldnt afford to simply run the race. Tires can get very expensive and to pay the crew would also cost big money. And without a sponsor.....
I can understand why teams would do it, but it just seems to cheapen the race for me.
The reason teams do it is because Nascar basically forces them to. I would bet that they Pay these teams $$$ to ensure that they will go, and that there will be a full field. A short field would kill Nascar, or so they think.
Bill......It's the TV deal, full field or a cut in pay. Lot's cheaper to pay out few G's than it is to lose a whole bunch.
I don't know if there is a rule that 43 cars must start each race. Evidently not......but NBC and FOX seem to have driven a hard bargin with NASCAR to "fill the field" or get less money per race!! Actually sounds good to me........maybe NASCAR will think twice next time contractracts come up!! Maybe there's hope yet that we get some real race coverage in the future with someone like ESPN!!:D
Nascar would have to rebate money back to NBC or Fox if there are not 43 cars. They have already had to add a few filler cars to have a full field. It's a shame it has gotten to this. Geoffrey Bodine qualified Todd's car and they took another car for him to run a few laps in to help Nascar. I have no problem with that situation.
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