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Discussion in 'Short Track Racing' started by MRM, Sep 4, 2018.

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    Heads Up.. The replay of the BC39 @6 p.m. on NBCSN

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    I paid $40 for the two day live show on Money well spent. First, that broadcast team is a lot of fun, and add even more to the already exciting racing. And the racing was top freaking notch.I ended up not being able to watch it Thursday night because of the late start, but watched it Friday after work. Killer show.
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    Caught this race on DVR last night. Was bummed they only alotted an hour for it. Still such a great event. The racing was fantastic. I hope it returns. There was about as many people there as will be at the brickyard tomorrow lol.
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    I attended it, planned on making it a 3 day race weekend with USAC Wed & Thurs, and ARCA on Friday. Got really lucky to get the USAC race in on Thursday, it was raining all morning/early afternoon and really poured a lot of the time. Any normal dirt track would have cancelled. Sucked that they had to cancel the E, D, C, B mains... but oh well. Feel bad for the 90 teams that didn't get another shot besides the heat races. I wasn't a fan of the format of the Wednesday feature "Pursuit race"... it was ok, its interesting to see something different tried... but i think everyone there would have preferred a normal feature race. The BC 39 feature was awesome!! Probably the best midget race that i've been to. Not sure if I would go back next time unless they lower the prices a bit... Wednesday was about $20 or $25 i think... my Thursday upper grandstand seats were $55 (plus fees). They were selling general admission tickets for $25 in the turn 3 grandstands of the big track, but it was extremely far away from the track...I'm sure they couldn't see anything. Parking was also $10 per day for the dirt race... I've been to IMS 3 times before for races and never had to pay for parking... I don't like that they were gouging the dirt fans on a new unique event... It was basically a sell out event, a lot of people always want to check out the first one...
    If they bring the prices down a bit, i'd highly recommend this event.
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