Indy Moto GP



Well, it was an interesting weekend thats for sure. I had no idea they ran these things in the rain. These guys are crazy!

I enjoyed it though. My first time at a motorcycle race. These guys do amazing things on these bikes. What was wild was the Red Bull Rookies Cup. These were boys 13-15 years old! Not old enough to legally drive but out there racing bikes, just crazy.

I have to give credit to Nicky Hayden out there riding with a broken heel. Thats determination.

The weather was good Saturday but Sunday was horrible. It was rainy and the wind was strong as heck. 50-60mph gusts. They cancelled the 250cc race and they cut the MotoGP race short by 7 laps due to the wind. A good call for safety.

The crowd would of been a lot bigger had the weather been a lot better. But Indianapolis gave a great show anyhow and they will be back thats for sure. Next year its moved up a couple weeks and hopefully the weather will cooperate.

Oh, and Danica was there Saturday to present the pole sitter with a Tissot watch. Seeing how I was working security, I was down at the green room/media center and got to speak with her for awhile. That was actually my highlight of the weekend.

Here is a picture I took from the pagoda and a picture of me and Danica.:D


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