IndyCar: 2018 Grand Prix of Portland

Discussion in 'Open Wheel Racing' started by gnomesayin, Aug 31, 2018.

  1. gnomesayin

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    Attendance for yesterday's race has been estimated at 40,000, which is a big number these days for IndyCar, and big for a region (Pacific NW) that hasn't been taken seriously as a destination for major racing series for a long time. The crowd and positive energy at the track yesterday felt massive. The race itself? A cool spectacle, a bit odd because of how random IndyCar races can be with where the cautions fall and the odd strategy calls. I hope the attendees liked what they saw and this will become a Labor Day tradition and not a one-year wonder. I certainly enjoyed it, and will be back with more people next year.

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  2. MRM

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    Pretty good racing Sunday. Glad to see the series back in Portland. Maybe they can add Cleveland and Michigan in the future.
  3. Jimmy W1

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    I don't have cable/dish anymore so I have to go to the local eatery/ sports bar to watch it. Had fun watching it with you guys
    Thanks for the updates, gnomesayin.

    I'll be heading down to St. Pete here in a few months. Isn't that something that I'm already looking forward to next year and this season isn't even over yet?

    183 days........10 hours.......20 minutes.

    St. Petersburg IndyCar keeps me posted.


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