Indycar Milwaukee Mile 2013



I just found out we're going tomorrow. I'll post pics later. Not sure if we'll make it for the rickshaw races :)

The one-mile oval drives more like a road course because of the flat corners, which produces exciting racing. Drivers can't go flat out on the course, which creates overtaking opportunities in the turns as well as the straights.

The Mile opened in 1903 and little has changed to the configuration.

On Saturday, the NBC Sports broadcast window is from 4.00 to 7.00pm ET, with the Milwaukee IndyFest due to get the green at 4:40 p.m.
Weather forecast is around 70 degrees with no rain interruptions Friday or Saturday.
No surprise to see the Andretti guys up front here. I'm looking forward to the race. Have fun.
Enjoy the race. Try to get a picture of the back of the pack so the Honda fans can see their guys too:D
We had a great time at the track today! Got a great parking spot on the street behind the track about a quarter mile from the gate, and we weren't in the ticket line for more than 30 secs. before a guy came up and asked us if we needed two tickets, he had a couple of extra comps that his buddy, who works 'in the infield', gave him.

I'm watching the recording now, and they're making it seem a lot more exciting than it seemed live, but Michael put on a great show. Lots going on, and it sure seemed like there were a lot more people there than it looks like on TV.

Ethanol doesn't pack the same punch as methanol, but it still smells pretty good!

I'm not good about taking pics during the race, but let me find a good host and I'll post some...
Me & my better half with one of Penske's boys:

Sprint car in the infield festival. Looked very uncomfortable in the driver's seat:

Sign and stands from infield before the race:

Lori aka 'better half' with members of the post-race entertainment, 'March Forth'. Striking...

She wants a ride in this:

The Milwaukee H.O.G. chapter performing the 'fly-by' during the anthem:

Green flag:

We caught up with some of the Indy Lights haulers on the way home:
I was there.

Friday, showed up with a few friends and family. Been coming to practice/qualifying day at the Mile on CART/IRL weekend for the past like 15 years. This year, started drinking at 10:00am. They called it "Ditch Friday" and gave out free beers in the infield. That was my first mistake. Spent most of the day drinking in the sun getting hammered. Accidentally sweared in front of little kids when Sato almost lost it in Turn 4 during qualifying. Got punched by my cousin (a big Andretti fan) for booing loud when Marco got the pole. Friday was a lot of fun. Practically nobody there, basically no lines for anything in the infield. Watched the local bands play on the stage in the infield until they closed. Watched the pit crew challenge and watched the crews have some laughs before the race. Listened to my dad tell the story about the night before the Indy 500 when he and some buds got Dominic Dobson's gas man drunk.

Woke up on Saturday hungover as all hell. Stopped at George Webbs for breakfast. Didn't start drinking until 2:30pm or so. Infield was super packed. Friends had some Indy 500 tickets they wanted Helio to sign. They waited 2 hours in line and still didn't get to the front before the autograph session ended. We had some little kids with our group and had to stop at all the midway rides. Drank regular ass (not light) Coors for the the first time ever. Tasted good. Radio reception with the scanners was terrible during the race. Laughed so hard when Marco broke his car during the race. I like the Andrettis too, but my cousins and aunt and uncle are like super fans, so I make fun them constantly. Was cheering for Kamikaze Sato and Super Tex to get another win, but he got screwed that late caution. Still glad to see RHR win again.

Didn't put sunscreen on either day, and my pasty German skin was burned bad, to the point where you could convince somebody I was in a fire. Spent most of Sunday trying to to rehydrate and not feel like I was dying.

Overall, a great weekend at the track, though maybe less Coors Light and more Banana Boat next year.

From a pragmatic economic perspective, a LOT of fans were there, and a LOT of fans from Illinois and Indiana. I saw the charter coach bus "IndyFest Express" things that were busing people up from Indianapolis unload a bunch of people. Looks like another success for Michael Andretti. I'm sure they'll come back next year.
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