Introducing Driver X's teammates



In the Driver X thread, HardScrabble suggested that I could come with a driver comparable to the purpose of Driver X. After a little bit of work, I now present to you the new teammates of Driver X: Tooka Provis, and Wahn Thapole.

Tooka Provis really hates qualifying. In fact, he chooses to skip it every week, and always takes a provisional. But come race time, he turns up the heat, and is always the highest finisher among those who take provisionals. In fact, he is currently leading the points right now, by a whopping 27. Here are his season stats to date:
Points Wins Top 5 Top 10 Top 20
2510 18 0 6 8 17

Wahn Thapole, on the other hand, loves qualifying, because he starts on the pole every single week. He's usually not able to hold on to that spot, though, and finishes wherever the real polesitter does.
2158 18 0 5 8 11

note: Each driver also recieves bonus points.

And also, if you didn't figure it out before, these guys are designed to test the importance of your starting position.
Interesting stuff. Are you going to keep stats on them for the rest of the year?
So from what you have in stats, is that the pole means "squat"? Sort of what I figured all along.:)
Outstanding stridsberry!!!:)

Some good rides have used provisionals this year and Tooka Provis proves it.

Wahn Thapole is interesting in that his point total is so low compared to Ms Provis. The pole sitter is finding himself outside the top 20 a surprising number of times.

And no pole winner or provisional starter has won a race this year.
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