iRacing 2017 Season 4


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Sep 29, 2009
So what is everyone doing for Season 4 of 2017 in iRacing? Honestly I had to take a break from iRacing because during the Summer, my business gets really crazy and I just didn't have the time or energy to devote to iRacing. Well that and my wheel broke, had to spend time fixing that.

Anyways, now that Summer is over and thing has calmed back down, I am back in the ****pit. This season I am tackling the dirt UMP Modified, and that car is a blast!! Gods, once you actually figure out how to get around the track in a dirt car, dirt racing can be A LOT of fun!!

What's funny though is that I have the speed in the UMP Modified, but not the consistency (yet) However I have the exact opposite problem in asphalt short track racing. I had consistency but not the speed. But yea, I def. think continuing the dirt program is the right direction for me. I feel more comfortable with how you're supposed to drive the car on dirt.

I'm hoping to start in my first iRacing dirt race this weekend, but I'm not promising anything. If I can do a consistent 40 laps during practice without damaging the car to the point where I have to go to pit row, then I'll feel ready to race.
I think I am taking the season off for the most part. The weather is starting to get awesome here in the Phoenix area and work has really picked up so I haven't had much time to race. I drove the Ford GTE last season and it was awesome. I tried the Ferrari GTE for a few weeks and really liked that. I really like the IMSA series. I haven't done too much oval racing but I would get into it if we picked the truck, B, or A cars.
Anywho, happy racing this season!
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