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Discussion in 'Sim Racing' started by PushRodV8, Feb 26, 2015.

  1. PushRodV8

    PushRodV8 Professional American

    Finally she is done. Can't believe the difference it makes in iRacing. Only have $450 in it. Not only does the graphics look better but it is so much smoother and faster. iRacing just got a lot more fun.

    I bought a used Sapphire HD 6950 2GB and a new old stock ASUS gaming motherboard. The rest is new. I went with a lower end CPU for now (Pentium G2030 3.0 GHz) and it exceeded my expectations for iRacing. Eventually I will upgrade to a i5 quad-core but this pentium does the job plus some.

    photo (2).JPG
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  2. SpeedPagan

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    Very nice! :D
  3. PushRodV8

    PushRodV8 Professional American

    What do you guys have your graphics settings on? When I leave my FPS uncapped, they go all the way up to around 350 fps but I heard its best to cap it at a certain number depending on the track. Anybody else heard this? I don't get any visible screen tearing but just wandering what you guys have your settings on.

    Right now I capped it at 150 fps but at tracks like Indy and daytona it jumps around like crazy. From 150 to 100 and back.

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