Is Kyle Busch the Tiger Woods of NASCAR?

Discussion in 'Sports and Entertainment Center' started by StandOnIt, Apr 18, 2019.

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    Petty both agreed and disagreed.

    “That’s a valid point if we look at wins and what he does on the racetrack,” Petty said of Busch. “Yes, (Busch) has those numbers. Tiger Woods won his fifth Masters and 15th major, all that. You look at all that and what Kyle Busch has done at a relatively young age, Tiger Woods did the same thing at a young age.

    “The problem is, and the difference is, Tiger Woods has the entire sport of golf on his shoulders. It grows, it falls, it goes to the left, to the right. Everything Tiger does, every fan that follows golf is watching, whether you like Tiger Woods or not.

    “Kyle Busch doesn’t have that. He isn’t that way, he doesn’t have that connection to the fans, for whatever reason. People love to boo him, but if they boo him, they’re not going to follow him. I don’t know if we have that Tiger Woods personality or person (in NASCAR). I think Kyle (Busch) moves the needle for me. What he does on the racetrack, what he does in the garage area or on the radio, he moves the needle. Jeff Gordon moved the needle, then Dale (Earnhardt) Jr. moved the needle, and then there’s been nobody since.”
  2. kkfan91

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    I see a Terry Labonte parallel, early success followed by a decade of less success then another period of success
  3. fergy1370

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    Kyle could retire tomorrow and I wouldn't miss him. Then again, so could Tiger.....
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  4. AuzGrams

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    Kyle still doesn't hold a candle to Jeff Gordon or Dale Jr.
  5. Mispeedway15

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    Jeff Gordon was easily what Tiger Woods was. Both young phenoms, dominated at an early age, had the greatest seasons in the history of their sports, were arguably bigger than the sport, and didn’t have the final results we all thought. Everyone thought Tiger would break 18 majors and Gordon would win at least 8 titles
  6. dpkimmel2001

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    I think in Kyle's own mind he may be the Tiger Wood's of NASCAR.
  7. jaqua19

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    NASCAR needs a story. They are pushing Kyle as the GOAT. It's silly. His resume doesn't stack up

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    Bullsheet, Kyle has a very good connection with his fans, probably doesn't care about the rest. The very last thing any KTB fan wants to see is the MPD award going to Kyle.
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  9. StandOnIt

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    and you speak for all of them right? o_O
  10. kyle18fan

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    Nah, probably not all of em, but they are free to speak up
  11. aunty dive

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    He might.

    He’ll have to hump a few Waffle House waitresses out in the parking lot to seal the deal.
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    I’d like to see Samantha swing a 9-iron.
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    I love threads created out of admiration. :)
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