Its on!



So we all know by now on the 6th race of its career the Ducati was in victory. Move over zukis, out of the way kawi, you had your chance last year yamaha and Hello Honda here we are, eat are desmo exaust. hehe

What a race, Rossi made a rare mistake, perhaps becase L Cap paced slower than expected, who knows, but 4 riders saw him go off into the gravel just so see him a few laps later pass them all. The guy was making a sec a lap, whoa, thats nuts. Makes me feel good with a win under the belt, but it wasn't a straight on victory. L Cap has some serious momentum, I will feel better when he or Bayliss wins without Rossi going off the track.

Ya gotta wonder what the Honda engineers are thinking? They are defintely out gunned on high speed, but more power usally causes more short term problems than one can handle. This is great, next race herr we come!
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