It's Time For an Indy 2021 POLL

Road Course Race At Indy

  • I am glad it is a Road Course Race at Indy

    Votes: 4 50.0%
  • I am pissed it is a Road Course Race at Indy

    Votes: 2 25.0%
  • I DGAS one way or another

    Votes: 3 37.5%
  • Penski Brilliant for making this happen

    Votes: 1 12.5%
  • Finally a race worth watching

    Votes: 3 37.5%
  • Always thought Indy 400 was a wanna be race

    Votes: 2 25.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
IDK about all that, I'm just glad I don't have to watch another watching the paint dry 400
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I wanted to vote for the DGAS choice. The eloquence is the kind of poetry that touches my heart and soul. Being able to express not giving a shiet is an incredible thing.

But I give a shiet in this case. The oval just isn't suited well for cup cars and it doesn't contrast well with the 500, the open wheelers are so much better there.

If IRP can't have a stock car race in Indianapolis then nobody in Indianapolis should have one.
The extra votes were cast by dead people.

Don’t you know anything? 😇
Because you are allowed to vote in more than one category, ain't got sh!t to do with a Democrat.
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