James Caan 82 years old. RIP

The first time I remember seeing James Caan in anything was in the "Brians Song" movie.
I think I was in the 7th grade and it was on something like NBCs Tuesday night"s movie of the week, back in the three channels only TV days.

The movie made a huge impression on all my buddies at school and it was the talk by the time I made it to home room the next morning.

I think James Caan nailed it as Brian Piccolo, the humor and swag made you love Brian Piccolo, it left me with some great memories. James Caan introduced us boys to Brian Piccolo and left us with a life long respect for the life he lived.

Brian Piccolo's autobiography instantly had a long waiting list at my school libary. I finally onld found it in high school and read it then. As goofy as it sounds I still will pause at times and think about Piccolo when someone brings up Wake Forrest.

I dont want to diminish Piccolo's legacy he lived it to the fullest. But for the most part I only knew the Piccolo story that James Caan told to me, it made a life long impression.
Very sad news, terrific actor, RIP
the head coach in the movie The Program, always enjoyed his work
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