Jayski's Top 10 news Stories of 2019

Discussion in 'NASCAR chat' started by Mike Crayne, Dec 31, 2019.

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    Slow ass news year. No wonder so much **** is made up here....
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    Dibenedetto was NOT bigger than Penske buying Indycar and IMS. Or Dale Jr's plane crash. Not on any planet.
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    Jayski is going by page views.
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    Penske buying IMS is a big deal.
  9. Charlie Spencer

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    Jr's plane crash was a non-incident, thankfully. DiBenedetto and Leavine was about racing. That trumps an off-track set of bruises, regardless of who picked them up.

    But as Mike said, this is based on page views. Other methods will have different results. I'd rank Penske / Indy, KyBu's championship, and Pearn leaving as my top three.
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    NBC'S top 19


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