Jeff Gordon's Pit Crew


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Jun 11, 2002
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SUCKS...........Where is the leadership, the ole Warriors (ya I know DJ stole them) Used to be the BEST. now:bleh::bleh:

What the hey is happening to the TEAM spirit??

?? get rid of Robby??

Nah. They are doing fine. Surely not the best, but far from the worst. They are 5th in points, so I think Robbie's job is secure. Todays stategy was questionable by me, but hey, I am just a fan.

Today's racetrack is what really sucked:eek:
didn't jeff stall on that miscued pit stop............i guess everyone was having a bad day in the 24 pit
He was running fairly well up until he almost hit the wall. His car just wouldnt run back in traffic. Stupid Aero Push I would suppose.
Gordon stalled the car in the pits. So add his name to your list.
Basically the same pit crew & cc that helped the #24 team get a 4th Cup last year!It's frustrating tho to see the #24 go backwards in some of the races,He came out in 2nd position on lap 159 but b4 long He started getting shuffled back.Seems to Me that His troubles have been more of the freak incidents happpening frequently,sgueegie thing,baggie imbedded in grille,tire going down b4 a restart,broken rear-end gear & spinning out by Himself at Bristol,the proceeding plus ongoing divorce proceedings & nurturing the #48 team along,IMO,has contributed to the 27 winless streak!Still think He cud get 3/4 wins this year tho & the 5th Cup chase isn't over yet either!
It aint over till it is over. Let's just hang in there and keep hoping for the #24 to see victory lane soon. Sure would make it easier to watch the races. Todays was so hard to watch back and forth all day and then just back. It will get better i hope.:headshake
Don't expect Gordon to be kept out of victory lane for long, coming up on the schedule are Pocono (3 wins), Indy (3 wins), Watkins Glen (4 wins). You forgot to add spining on pit road at Pocono to the list of bad luck incidents to that list. 5th in points and only 140 back is good for any driver and I hope that Jeff can pull of #5.
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