L Cap sets a track record with Bayliss .010 behind making Ducati 1-2. Honda just may have a challange. But Races prove riders overall and a inconsistant L Cap put him off course and Bayliss held third. Ducati's weeakness is its tyre smoking problem, they just can't last the race like the Honda's and plus Jerez is notorious for eating tyers. Next event is Le Mans, if its half way cool, look For Both Ducatis on the podium, yeah, you heard it hear first.

Amazing "dirt tracking" going on there, but what did you think of Elias' run in the 250?
250s are great. fast yet they have some awsome racing. What a ride Elias had, wow. Last lap was amazing, he passed and held off 3 high caliber riders, including the man with the fastest lap. Honda almost had a win, may still be a while yet. I think the 125 race is on tommorow, will have to watch all three again.
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