Jerry Lee Lewis - RIP

RIP Jerry.
Growing up I enjoyed hearing his songs and great piano playing. When we wanted to play some 50s oldies stuff his stuff was always part of the fun.
I never introduced his music to my son but he discovered and became a Jerry Lee fan himself. His music was timeless.
Godspeed Jerry Lee Lewis.

“I am a rock and rollin’, country-and-western, rhythm and blues-singin’ motherf**cker,” he told the Grand Ole Opry audience in 1975, and that pretty much sums up the life and legend of Jerry Lee Lewis.

An excellent obituary from Associated Press put it this way...
"Tender ballads were best left to the old folks. Lewis was all about lust and gratification, with his leering tenor and demanding asides, violent tempos and brash glissandi, c0cky sneer and crazy blond hair. He was a one-man stampede who made the fans scream and the keyboards swear, his live act so combustible that during a 1957 performance of “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On” on “The Steve Allen Show,” chairs were thrown at him like buckets of water on an inferno."

Jerry Lee Lewis 1975.jpeg

R.I.P Jerry Lee Lewis. He was one of the pioneers of Rock n' Roll and one of the greatest pianists of the 20th Century.

My wife got to see Jerry Lee Lewis perform live in Beaumont, Texas early in his career when he was 23 - 24 yrs old.
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