Jerry Nadeau in the 44



Jayski is reporting that Jerry will be in the car for the rest of the year!



Glad to see Jerry land something full time. It will be interesting to see how the #44 performs under his foot. Personally I still have questions about the car's capabilities, but Jerry is more than welcome to prove me wrong!!:)
44 was Grissom right? Silly season has got me sooo cornfused:rolleyes:
Hey i cant wait for watkins glen to roll around can you say WIN has reported the same thing, so it's evidently true.

I'm glad for Jerry, he's a good racer. He finished 17th in points last year in the 25 car, so you know he's got talent. Hopefully he can put together a good 2nd half and get a solid ride for next year, with someone like PE or PPI (if the 2nd team pans out).
Does this lessen the chances of seeing Bobby Hamilton back at PE next year, you think? Hope not. I always liked him in the #43.

Speaking of which, get rid of that crappy Cheerios hood and bring back STP!!!
Have to give Steve Grissom a call for the run he gave the car. His finishes may not have been too stellar, but he was always there at the end of the race. He finished 8 of the 9 races he was in, and attained the team's only top-10 of the season.

I'm not upset seeing Jerry Nadeau go in that team, maybe Jerry can turn that team around. He almost brought the car a win at Sears Point, let's see what he can do on an oval. He brings confidence into that team, and that might just be what they need.
Well kyle has a top10 for the team as well he finished 10th at dega. I am glad that Jerry is at PE and the 44 car i hope that he can help the 44 become as strong as the 45. I think one thing that would improve the 43 is to get rid of John. i like Jon and all but I don't think he can drive these Dodges for some reason.
As far as Jerry in the 44 for next year that could be true but unless he does really good i think he will take the 96(Cal Wells if they still use that number) or the 36 car!

Now I think this is the biggest silly season that PE has ever had with just about everything possibly changing. Lets make a count of possible changes at PE


1. John out Bobby Hamilton in?
2. John out Kenny S. in?
3. John stays?
4. John goes to IRL

5. Steve out(done)to BGN or truck?
6. Jerry in(Done)?
7. Bobby Hamilotn in?
8. Ken Shrader in?
9. Joe Nemecheck in?

10. Sprint gone!! But has a new sponsor already
11. Gateway Computers?
12. Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream?
13. Coca-Cola(return of the Mello Yello car)Primary or Secondary?
14. M&M Mars?
15. Another sponsor not know yet(Wal*Mart maybe)?

(43 truck)
16. Carlos and Hotwheels move on to BGN?
17. Steve Grissom back to the Truck?
18. Truck team shuts doors?
19. Team stays as is?

(BGN team)
20. Carlos and Hotwheels in a new PE Dodge?
21. Steve and Hotwheels in new PE Dodge?
22. Hotwheels not BGN team sponsor?
23. BGN Team waits another year?

Well I wonder how much of that is true and if any will happen I don't think PE has ever had that many options and with the teams becoming stronger I think PE might become a force again in NASCAR within the next 5 years tops.
It's good to see Nadeau in a full time ride!
I think he can help PE out big time, he's a hell of and .........all around driver. :satisfied
it looks like they should have kept nadeau for the rest of the year nemechek is just not cuttin it---do yall know who the posibilities are for # 25 next year?
Now the #44 should have a decent driver, I hope he does good the rest of the year and he should be able to help Petty Enterprise out with his racing experiance.
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