JG says no second groove



Jeff Gordon does not feel a second groove has worked in at ChicagoLand yet. His quote:

IS THERE A SECOND GROOVE HERE? "There¹s no second groove."

SINGLE-FILE RACE AGAIN? "Definitely. It¹s all about getting a guy to make a mistake. It¹s all about just pushing the guy in the corner so that maybe he¹ll slide up in the second groove so you can get underneath him. A lot of it is entry into the corners. I think you might be able to run side by side middle-off, but the entries of the corners are just so temperamental here, that there¹s just not really much of an outside groove there to really carry speed in there and get to the outside of a guy. Track position is going to be extremely important."

So here's the question. I didn't get to see the BGN race today. Was there a second groove? Did we see some competitve passes?? the reviews I've read for the most part around here are more about the TV coverage than the race and the news sites tell me about who won and the red flag deal. Can't find schidt about the racing.
Didnt see 2 groves in the Busch race, wont see much of it in WC unless ur crazy or desperate.
The IROC race didn't really show a second groove either.
I would say there was at least a 1-1/2 track groove in the Busch race. I thought I heard them commenting on all the passing. Greg Biffle sure did a lot of it. I think it'll be even better tomorrow.
Second groove = concrete. imho
8 cautions in Busch race.
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