Jimmie Johnson seat swap with Fernando Alonso at Bahrain full footage 2018

Discussion in 'NASCAR chat' started by StandOnIt, Nov 26, 2018.

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    Good looking. Can't wait for the documentary.
  3. Charlie Spencer

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    @StandOnIt , thanks. This will be good viewing for the weekend.
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  7. sdj

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    Any idea when the whole episode will be aired?
  8. Snappy D

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    Was trying to follow on Twitter, looked fun to watch. I feel bad rooting against Jimmie at his zenith, he seems like such a likable dude.
  9. kkfan91

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    Pretty cool. Anyone else thrown off by that drag strip? Drag racing seems like such an American thing but I guess they do it in other places too.
  10. DUN24

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    It is HUGE amongst the mega rich in Bahrain/Qatar/etc.

    Princes and the like import american tuners to build big power. It's actually pretty awesome to see people in other parts of the world enjoying our engineering and building on it.

    Oh sh!t now I'm on a tangent

    Here's like 9 hours of footy at the track you saw in the ride swap

    Old school American muscle is also really huge in Sweden too,
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  11. Magnethead

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    The Swedes and Bahrain/Saudi area are HUGE motorsports people. Australia too. Alot of guys get paid to fly back and forth.
  12. bigspud

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    hmmm, sounded like a v10 or v8 f1 car, and not the pos turbo they use now.
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  13. StandOnIt

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    Alonso's take on driving a Nascar, he doesn't quite know what the deal is with these cars, but he was pretty fast overall. :D

    Although live footage of the lap was not available, from the top of the circuit's control tower it was possible to spot Alonso sliding the car from corner to corner with the rear hanging sideways over the exit kerbs.

    "I think I was very far away from a very good lap," he said. "Driving style, it was still not very clear to me what is the best way to perform a lap.

    "I found a lot of problems on braking, because the car has very poor retardation because of the weight of the car and the steel brakes. I think they behave very differently compared to the ones I am used to, and traction, these tyres with the amount of power that those cars have, it is very difficult to manage, so in first gear, second gear, third gear you are still spinning the tyres.

    "I didn't know if it was better to go full throttle and spin the tyres and really move forward or control with the throttle and maybe lose a little bit of performance on exit. So at the end, I think...it is not so clear for me even after one day what will be necessary on these cars."

    Despite far from ideal conditions, by his final run of the day, Alonso had knocked four seconds off the installation lap performed by Johnson in the morning and set a best time of 2:10.830. It wasn't clear how much Johnson was pushing on his initial lap, but Alonso's pace in completely unfamiliar machinery impressed those watching on.

    Johnson wants him to try on an oval:

    "Yeah, he didn't get a fair shake of experiences today," Johnson said. "Our cars are heavy and have a high roll centre, so when you can put them on a banked track they have a chance to shine. Dover, Bristol, even some of the banked mile-and-a-halfs, it would really impress him."

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  14. Team Penske

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    I can here JJ now.......... " Chad, I want this set up". :D
    I'll bet Jimmy had more fun than Alonso did.
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  15. Johali

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    Thanks, that was pretty cool. It shows what you can do with a truly unlimited budget. :cheers:
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  16. Zerkfitting

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    It is my opinion that any good race car driver can drive any type of car and be competitive (given some time to acclimate) .

    It sounded like Alonso was trying to re-learn how to control the power of a race car for what the tires can handle. I think they both probably had fun. Johnson got to drive an F1 car, that had to be special; I'm glad he had the opportunity to do it. Alonso impressed me with his Indy run. I wonder if he will ever want to try driving in a NASCAR race. Alonso will be driving in the 2019 24 Hours of Daytona for Wayne Taylor Racing.
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  18. Nitro Dude

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  19. DUN24

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    V8 circa 2013. Its funny because Alonso never actually raced this car and McLaren Renault didn't build it, McLaren Mercedes did :p
  20. StandOnIt

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    Like Gordon when Johnson drove in the Rolex neither had long stints, I would think because of lack of experience. But the shape Johnson is in I could see him becoming a driver that a team would want to use more than light duty.
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  22. Snappy D

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    hope it works and he becomes acclimated in wherever he chooses to race after hes done with full time Cup. It'd be pretty cool to see him compete at a high level in other series and be successful.
  23. StandOnIt

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    yeah being a cup driver full time is different than when and if he retires from cup. I think his smoking it in a F-1 car like he did, is a sign of the future in other cars. he sure sounds like he isn't done in 2020.
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  24. Snappy D

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    You think he's done in 2020 with Cup full time and off to driving other series or he'll stick around in cup in 2020 to make another go of it? I havent read the interview yet myself still finishing up at work.
  25. StandOnIt

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    he said he contract with Hendrick is up in 2020, and went on to talk about other forms of racing right after he said that. That is all I know, he didn't say for sure.
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  26. Snappy D

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    to me that sounds like he's saying Adios to full time Cup and off to other Series. I really hope he ends up doing that and isnt like these other former Cup guys who are saying they arnt retired but then you dont really see them race in anything else ( looking at you Jeff Gordon. I really thought he was gonna race some more IMSA)
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    Sure didn't sound like the riding lawnmowers they have now

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