Jimmy Spencer's Long Lost Brother?



For your viewing pleasure, the lovely and charming Representative James Traficant, Democract of Ohio, recently under indictment by a House ethics subcommittee for using his office to get bribes from businesses and kickbacks from staff.

Perhaps he and Jimmy Spencer use the same stylist?

Cmon, guys. LOOK at these photos! Aren't these ridiculous looking men?!

No offense to Jimmy. I happen to like him. :)

Offense intended to James Traficant. NOT a big fan...
lol..gotta love the white hair covering the ears with the rest of it standing up on the politician
I looked at that WAAAaaay Too early in the morning. Jimmy would get my vote, even in the style dept. Hehehe
Sorry about that, Walrus! These guys are pretty tough on the eyes any time of the day.

I agree that Jimmy gets the style vote. I would also prefer him in the House of Representatives to that loudmouth crook, Traficant.

Traficant is from Ohio, so I see him on TV alot up here. But, I still can not get used to seeing that. Why would someone go out in public like that even if you were not going to be seen?
So many things to say, just going to pass. Someone needs to send a tape to a Make-over story, think they would take both?:D
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