Johali's Rate the Cup race --- Bristol

679 ****** gadzillion! Hell yes! Badass win, and WE take 5 to the next round!
It is always great in my opinion when there are not many cautions.
I can live without a game changing moment during the last few laps or skewing caution reset.
Watching the closing speeds on lapped traffic and even the attrition is great stuff when it happens on a track like Bristol.
....and the 8 with a horrible car, and Kyle bitching all night I heard. Didn't the 54 lap him at one point? Changing my rating to numbers to numbers not yet discovered. Great Sunday morning.
3 Worst Bristol race in a long, very long time. This race is usually one in which there are multiple restarts with multiple opportunities for chassis adjustments and cars going from a couple laps down in the beginning to being competitive at the end. This year, this race, not so much. During the "playoffs" which I am not a big fan of, believe that they should throw the DPV out and let them fix the cars as long as they make a certain speed. Do not think that would have made much difference in this race, but it would have increased anticipation. It is possible that Logano (not necessarily a fan by the way) could have replaced that lower control arm and steering link within ten or so laps, that could have changed the standings by one.
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