Johali's Rate the Cup race --- Kansas


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Aug 4, 2017
2 only because I don't think any race deserves a 1. I watched most of the 1st segment live before I couldn't take anymore of this package and decided to go out fishing. Came home and watched the rest on the DVR. The fishing wasn't very good, but I still think I made the better choice.

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Feb 14, 2011
Orange Ca
Which class of slot cars are these? They look more like wedges with wheels than actual cars!
Those are called wing cars. The different types of motors are what determines which classes they run in. The fastest class is with a group 7 open motor. Some of the top cars have a titanium chassis. A motor that is built by some of the top motor builders can cost $300.00 +. Most guys will have at least 10 cars and around 15 to 20 motors when they travel to a big race. This is not the average slot car racing people think of when they had a track at home playing on the floor. You have sponsors and and can travel all around the world racing these cars. I haven't raced those cars in probably 10 years. I just race the drag race cars. The drag racing slot car races pay much better and the cars and motors are a lot cheaper to build and they don't crash near as often so that keeps the cost down a lot. One drag race in Tennessee earlier this year had over 1000 cars and it paid $30,000.00 to the winner.
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