Johali's Rate the Cup race --- Las Vegas

8, pretty solid. Wish Reddick would’ve stayed close for the last lap.
7 - demanding track and some good racing. Great battle back by Ross to finish 4th.
8. Some hard, hard mid pack racing with a great ending. Reddick should’ve stayed with the wall line at 2 to go

First TV Vegas race since March 2022 and this track is providing some of the most consistent awesome racing on the circuit. Proud/happy to be back in October!
Fabulous race. Everything NASCAR should be. 9.99. .01 deduction for winning manufacturer/team. OUR car is good. Ford has work to do. WE are better than the Larson-less Inmates at this place. I can live with that. The tale will be told next week. Great stuff.
8 which is great for Vegas cuz usually Vegas kinda bores me to tears.
Maybe because it was the first real race after a long off season and wasn't a wreck fest like the last two weeks, but I really really enjoyed this race. LaJoie provided the inevitable NASCAR Cup late race caution that kept me from giving it a 10.
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