Johali's Rate the race --- The Clash

7, not factoring in the heats and the LCQ.
It was a mess as there were just too many cars on the track. I still liked it more than the clash at Daytona.

Heat races/LCQs were a 9
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9 even better then last year.
7.5 across the board. Heats and LCQ’a were great. Main event was hit or miss with all the cautions but was still enjoyable
I don't know how yall people do it. I was too busy posting about the race to actually give the race much thought.
I might watch it again tommorow so I can rate the race
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8 because Bubba had a 9 of 10 day…otherwise a solid 7 for me.

Is my memory off or was there a bigger crowd last year?
20 gazillion. Best car won....and it was a Toyota. Hell yes!
Race, 5, coverage 3, "entertainment", 1

It was a good opportunity to get tempers warmed up and payback scheduled for the real racing in Daytona in only two weeks now.
7, mostly because the heat races were awesome! Joey hit the nail on the head though, need less cars for the main event. That was a disaster laps 75-100

The gimmick is over.
The halftime "entertainment" needed a translator.
The heats were the highlight.
The attendance was lackluster.
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