John Force wins #150

Discussion in 'Drag Racing' started by TexasRaceLady, Aug 6, 2019.

  1. TexasRaceLady

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  2. TexasRaceLady

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  3. aunty dive

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    John’s initial TV interview was interesting.

    He was very excited.
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  4. TexasRaceLady

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    Yes, it was. He really let fly with some choice words. And kissing Ron Capps was priceless. ROTFL
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  5. StandOnIt

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  6. sdj

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    That is how guys talk, in the real world, not the PC world. JMHO

    I am very happy for him and he is a piece of work for sure. He is to NHRA what Sr. was to Nascar as far a fan recognition.
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  7. Magnethead

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    From Capps' Perspective:

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  9. Nitro Dude

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    I'm 63 and I don't have that much energy.:)
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