JR and Daytona

Discussion in 'NASCAR chat' started by kat2220, Jul 7, 2002.

  1. kat2220

    kat2220 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Now what makes you thinks he didn't try??
  2. Tabasco

    Tabasco Team Owner

    He went for the lead and wound up 6th. I think next time he will stay put.
  3. paul

    paul Team Owner

    Who is saying he didn't try?
  4. kat2220

    kat2220 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Well, Paul, I think he got snookered by his crew chief, and on other threads (can't name 'em), some were saying that he didn't really try cuz he didn't go with his heart.
  5. FANOF5

    FANOF5 Guest

    i was not a big fan of JR. until the Texas race when Shawna took him out, and he did not bash her on T.V., he definately races with his heart, and i am glad to see him get a top ten...........he needed it:D
  6. Awesome_Bill

    Awesome_Bill Guest

    It was JR's decision to try to pass Waltrip....It doesnt matter what his crew chief said to him. In the end it was Jr's call to make the pass, and it didnt work out. It was Jr's fault as much as his crew chiefs.
  7. racer8

    racer8 Team Owner

    Either way he was screwed if he did or screwed if he didn't.
    had he not tried it they would have said he was protecting Mikey.
    and since he did try it he got shuffled back just like he knew would probably happen. It's a no win situation.
  8. racer8

    racer8 Team Owner

    Heart does not create horsepower
  9. I've never cared much for the Earnhardts. Jr just impressed me with that move. He new he had 2nd. Unfortunately, it sounds like he did it for the wrong reasons. Normally I'd say, go for the win. But, in that situation, a one two finish for DEI would have been great for the team. A 1st and 6th isn't anything to sneeze at though. He musta saw something at that point that made him think he could make the pass. He didn't count on getting hung out to dry. Still a very gutsy, aggressive move. I'm not saying I like him yet but, he earned a little more respect from me. I'll bet he wished he could take back his post race interview. He really sounded bitter towards Eury. I think this will fire that team up for a strong second half.
  10. Legend3DE

    Legend3DE Guest

    :bawling: Sorry to say but the boy just got greedy...wtg Mikey!
  11. sgbg88

    sgbg88 Guest

    He got greedy by wanting to win? I thought that was what they raced for. He's not been doing that great this year and a top 10 is a good thing for him and his team. I think Jr. and his crew chief will do a lot of talking this week.:(
  12. Legend3DE

    Legend3DE Guest

    :growl: Yea he got greedy....After all the times Mikey followed him, blocking so he could win...then its Mikeys turn to shine and it seems Jr forgot all those moments he went to victory lane with the help of his team-mate....JMO
  13. paul

    paul Team Owner

    Oh well, real racers don't protect the leader. They attack him.

    Waltrip isn't a real racer.
  14. Legend3DE

    Legend3DE Guest

    :eek: Mikey was doing what the boss told him to do I guess.....If you were driving and the boss told you to help your team-mate win...isnt that what you would do?? I was a die hard #3 fan, dont get me wrong I know thats not the way Dale would have done things but I think if its good enough for Jr than it should be good enough for Mikey....I guess some of the things Jr has been saying about his team-mates has rubbed me the wrong way and I have decided he will never be like his daddy...a good driver but never the greatest...I'm not here to make people mad I'm just here to vent :p
  15. 66mustang

    66mustang Guest

    I respect Jr for going for the win. If I was in his place I'd feel dissapointed with the finish not the effort.
  16. sgbg88

    sgbg88 Guest

    So DEI team-mates are suppost to follow what the boss says. If they do their not real racers. But if one goes for the win against another team-mate they need to stick with the plan? I'm confused! So does this apply to all team-mates? What about what happened between Rusty and Ryan? No one seems to say Rusty should have let him in or pass him. They seem to be racing each other hard. Just wondering:confused:
  17. Gordon Fan

    Gordon Fan Guest

    He tried yes, but he ought to know that NO ONE was gonna go with him.
  18. rpmallen

    rpmallen Guest

    Whether or not his heart was into it, I'm sure he went for that lead all out. But when he realized nobody was going to follow him, that must have been an awfully lonely feeling. He's lucky there was a caution b/c there was a looooooong line that was just starting to pass him.
  19. 24thunder

    24thunder Guest

    I'm glad that Dale Jr. did attempt the pass as I wasn't certain of what the outcome wud be,but now know that He lost 4 positions 4 it,regardless of on who's orders.At least Michael knew enough to stay in 2nd behind Dale Jr. at 'Dega this year,otherwise He'd probably got shuffled back as well,IMO!Michael did have the dominant car on this last outing tho as He led 99 laps out of 160!

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