Jr and Eury...trouble brewing??



The deal at Daytona and now the four tire stop near the end of todays race. In post race quotes Junior don't sond real happy with the decision...

YOU HAD A GOOD CAR TODAY: "We took four tires and got beat." WHY DID YOU DECIDE ON FOUR TIRES? "I didn't." WHAT WAS THEIR THINKING? "The tires would be faster. When you're 13th, 15th or whatever in line then you got 15 @#$% lapped cars on the inside. You can't pass 30 cars in 20 laps, nobody can, nobody's that good." I said, God, we should've just got gas or whatever, you know. Damn. We'll be all right. It's a good run, feeling good to run up front." FRUSTRATED? "No. We got to whoop some ass for a little while, and that really felt good."
Yeah HS,
When I saw Jr. come in, especially after yesterdays Busch race I knew his goose was cooked.
I don't think so. Junior was already sliding backward on the tires he had -- the car just wasn't as good as it was earlier. I doubt he could have maintained his position had he just done a gas-n-go.
What I dont understand is if JR. thought it was such a bad call, why did he go along with it...I thought the drivers had the final say in things.

Thought the same about the decision, before I saw these quotes I was certain that Jr had a set of tires that just weren't working. After reading this, now I'm not so sure.

Usually the Jr website will post the most interesting radio conversatons from the team, when they do I'll bet this is one of them and we'll see what was said.
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