Jr. To race In Busch At Richmond



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Posted on Tue, Aug. 06, 2002

Earnhardt Jr. entered in Richmond BGN event
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Dale Earnhardt Jr. has entered the Sept. 6 Funai 250 NASCAR Grand National race at Richmond, Va., teaming up with his half brother, Kerry Earnhardt in a Looney Tunes characters promotion.

Earnhardt Jr., who has made two Grand National starts this season in the No. 3 Chevrolet, will drive the No. 8 at Richmond.

"I raced in the series a few times already this year and really enjoyed myself," said Earnhardt Jr. "It's good competition, and at Richmond it's fun racing under the lights on a Friday night. This is a new program, and it'll be exciting driving the Looney Tunes Monte Carlo into Victory Lane."
He dominated at Daytona, I think that Jr. can win again this year in BGN.
Should be fun.Hope Biffle is still on his hot streak.I am sure Greg vs.Jr. would be wild.Also:has anyone heard when/if Jon Wood is racing in the series again?
Yea should be a good one, i know his car looks cool..........like th paint job!
*Cleans out ears* Did I just hear that right Abooja?:p
Yeah, you did, B.C. I like the green and blue look of Jeff's car, plus I think I prefer Mr. Bunny to Mr. Devil. It's got a serene, agrarian quality to it...
I kinda figured that you'd go for Mr. Devil over Mr. Bunny. Guess that was my mistake.:D
Satan may be alluring in lots of ways, but bunnies are a lot cuter.

Anyhow, Junior's got them both. :)
You're going, TRL?! Verrrrrrrrrry jealous.

Might just go nuts and spring for one way-too-expensive ticket, rent a car, and get the heck over there myself!

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