July 13, 1993 Remember Davey



Nine years ago today NASCAR and its fans lost one the brightest young stars of his, or any other time. Davey Allison was destined to be one of the great ones until a helicopter crash at Talledega took his life.

RIP Davey
i remeber that day...........i had been a NASCAR fan for only two years then, but i remeber DAVEY was always awesome.

Very good,HS.I remembered the date as well.Was pretty confident you would too.I have the whole event frozen in my mind even now.The bittersweet days that seemed at the time like a return of the Alabama gang.Red Farmer and Davey together.David Bonnett seemed like he had a shot back then.Left a lot of shock and trauma everywhere...but especially here in Bama.You put it well,Lap3forever: LAP28FOREVER!!
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