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Discussion in 'Chit-Chat' started by kat2220, Nov 6, 2005.

  1. TexasRaceLady

    TexasRaceLady Plank Owner Contributor

    Made this the other day --- absolutely delicious.
    Spaghetti Queso

    8 ounces spaghetti -- cooked
    1.5 lbs ground beef, or turkey
    1 package Taco seasoning
    1 can cream of chicken soup
    1 can Rotel tomatoes
    2/3 cup water
    8 ounces Velveeta cheese -- cubed -- small cubes means it melts faster
    1 cup shredded cheddar

    Preheat oven -- 350*. Spray 9x13 casserole dish.
    Cook meat and drain any grease. Stir in taco seasoning and water. Cook 5 minutes.
    Stir in soup, Rotel, and Velveeta cubes. Stir over low heat until cheese is melted.
    Stir in spaghetti. Pour into dish. Spread cheddar on top. Bake until heated through and cheddar has melted.
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  2. Johali

    Johali Team Owner Contributor

    The wife is going to try this later in the week. Looks really good.
  3. TexasRaceLady

    TexasRaceLady Plank Owner Contributor

    I used ground beef --- 80/20 ratio. For me, it has more taste.
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  4. Johali

    Johali Team Owner Contributor

  5. TexasRaceLady

    TexasRaceLady Plank Owner Contributor

    Spaghetti Salad --- strange, but delicious

    1 lb. spaghetti --- broken in SMALL pieces and cooked, drained and rinsed.
    1 medium zucchini, diced
    1 cucumber, diced
    1 medium red onion, diced
    1 medium green bell pepper, diced
    2 small cans(2.25 oz) sliced ripe olives, drained
    1 pint cherry tomatoes, sliced in half

    Dressing: Mix thoroughly and pour over salad.
    1 16 oz. bottle Italian dressing
    1/2 cup grated Parmesan
    1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
    1 tablespoon sesame seeds
    1 teaspoon paprika
    1/2 teaspoon celery seed

    Chill at least an hour.

    NOTE: This makes a huge amount -- more fit for a large crowd.
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  6. Pat

    Pat Team Owner

    Unbelievably good and not nearly as sweet as it looks.

    Chocolate Magic Custard Cake

    Chocolate Magic Custard Cake.jpg


    · 4 eggs (whites separated from yolks), room temp

    · 1 tsp vanilla extract

    · ¾ cup sugar

    · 8 Tablespoons butter, melted

    · ¾ cup all purpose flour

    · ½ cup cocoa powder

    · 2 cups milk lukewarm

    · powdered sugar for dusting cake


    1. Preheat oven to 325 F degrees.

    2. Line 8 inch x 8 inch baking dish with parchment.

    3. Separate eggs and add the egg whites to a mixer and beat egg whites stiff. Place egg whites in a bowl and set aside.

    4. Beat the egg yolks & sugar until light. Add butter and vanilla. Beat for two mins.

    5. Add the cocoa and flour and mix it in until fully incorporated.

    6. Slowly start adding the milk and beat until everything is well mixed together. . Batter will be thin.

    7. Add the egg whites, a third at a time and gently fold them in using a spatula, repeat until all egg whites are folded in.

    8. It will be hard to fold them, but just keep trying until you no longer have large egg white clumps. Pour batter into baking dish and bake for approx 60 minutes or until the top is lightly golden.

    9. Cool to room temp and then chill.

    10. Dust heavily with powdered sugar.

    11. Enjoy this spectacular and magical treat!
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  7. Johali

    Johali Team Owner Contributor

    Just looking at that piece of deliciousness I regained 10 lbs of the 70 lbs that I lost in the last 11 months. :confused:
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  8. Pat

    Pat Team Owner

    When are you going to treat yourself if you haven't all year???
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  9. Johali

    Johali Team Owner Contributor

    After I retired I slowly went from 167 to 237 in 8 years. I'm back to 167 so I'll increase my intake back to normal with care. Damn I feel better. :D
  10. Pat

    Pat Team Owner

    Congratulations! That is not an easy task. :punkrocke
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  11. Johali

    Johali Team Owner Contributor

    You're right, it wasn't easy but I had plenty of help from my wife and her head bonker. :D
  12. Team Penske

    Team Penske Team Owner

    Like to know how you did it. My story is about the same, 165 to 240, back down to 210 now at 220 and my blood sugar just went over 8. Really need to get back to 180 min.
  13. Johali

    Johali Team Owner Contributor

    It damn sure wasn't easy. 11 month's of barely eating enough to survive. Blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, oxygen etc all in really good shape.
  14. Team Penske

    Team Penske Team Owner

    Good for you. I have COPD so exercise is really a hard thing for me. I really don't want to get tied to an oxygen tank. I guess starving myself is the solution. :(
  15. Johali

    Johali Team Owner Contributor

    Good luck.
  16. StandOnIt

    StandOnIt Farm Truck

    got to eat sticks and bones as I call it. Celery and peanut butter, carrots raw, both go good dipped in cream cheese, plenty of meat, fish, all of that pretty much zero carbs if you lay off the barbecue sauce or deep frying, eggs are zero carbs and cheese, whipped cream is real low carb for sweet tooth and mixed with cream cheese is a good dip. Plenty of stuff out there really, lots of nuts are low, strawberries and whipped cream is real low, most fruits are pretty high. Don't pay attention to the B.S. on the front label, look on the back for total carbs and serving size. Sometimes "light" has more calories(carbs) than the regular.
  17. sdj

    sdj Just a race fan

    :eek: You forgot BACON! It is good for the diet and good for you, ya just might say it is the perfect diet food. :D
  18. Team Penske

    Team Penske Team Owner

    Glad you said that. I eat bacon N eggs every morning. I substitute Canadian, (back bacon or peameal bacon) what ever you want to call it. :D

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