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Kerry Earnhardt had some more "bad luck" again today. I believe this is the 6th race in a row that he has at least spun. Come on Kerry, you could have lost that Race for Greg Biffle. Get it together...6 times in a row? Doesnt make sense to me.
LOL Fanof5, but the cars sponsor as of late is Jani-King...Supercuts must have gotten fed up with him.
I have no idea....I thought it was a charcoal or grill company lol
....Jani-king would be a great idea for a janitor service...if it isnt already one.
it is, its like a Janitorial service that uhhhh, cleans i guess..:)
Well gosh dern it, I had high hopes for the dude. Ol buddy Dave gave up his last useable prov at Michigan two years ago when they put Kerry in the 71 so Dale, Dale, and Kerry could all run a Cup race together.. Kerry didn't make two laps. Got in between a couple other cars on cold tires and the rear end just lifted and around he went.

The single most important thing for any driver to do is finish first. Ya gotta finish first to finish first. Every DNF means fewer laps. Kerry is a good driver but imo he is going to be one of those guys who is never going to win at the Cup level tho he may eventually take a few in Busch if he gets really lucky. But word is he is on the fast track to get to Cup so that might not happen either.

All I got to say is good luck kid, yer gonna need it.
Well Paul, it's like this. I don't think there's a BAD driver at the Busch or Cup level.

Sure, some are better than others....some are LOTS better than others....but in my mind, there just ain't no bad ones out there.

anyways, since ya asked.:)
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Why do people say this?  He's not a good driver, at all.

Kerry's heart just ain't into racing like his dad's and brother's. I get the feeling he's just doing it because it's expected of him!! I don't see him continuing in this direction much longer. He'll find somthing more to his potential with DEI his sister did.:)
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