Kevin "da man" Suber



Hey Kevin!! Good Luck to ya this weekend!! I want to see that perty red car in Victory Lane!!! Im hopin you and Chris can be in there togather but I guess we'll have to see what happens!! Well good luck to ya and becareful!!

Love yall, Katie and the 79 crew
Kaite you gots to slow down u beating me to everything! Good luck luck Suberman!
Good luck this weekend! Hope to see that red #7 in victory lane where it belongs! I agree with ya Katie...Chris and Kevin both in victory lane, we would have to have a celebration! :beerchug: Go get 'em "SUBERMAN"!
Good luck this weekend Kevin!!!:thumbsup: Hope to see you and Chris in victory lane too!!!:beerchug: Oh and that is a good picture.

GOOOOO #7 and #79

Love ya'll
good luck this weekend kevin! hope to see you in victory lane.
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