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Feb 16, 2009
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There used to be a time, not that long ago, when name calling towards other posters was discouraged and people would be banned for that.

Lately, there seems to be an overabundance of a**hole keyboard warriors who do nothing but troll, bait and provoke. Having been suspended and banned, numerous times, for much less than what is passing as acceptable here now, I've honestly got to say I'm disappointed.

For years, I've always been told calling other drivers or politicians or what not names was acceptable, but the name calling towards other posters on the forum was not. Just a couple weeks ago, I was "warned" about calling another driver "Puss".

Fast forward a few weeks now. We have people posting in various forums who provide nothing but direct shots towards other posters. It's gotten downright annoying actually. I mean, posting something over-the-top in a political forum or in the racing chat is unacceptable but the name calling is?

I enjoy this forum because it's more of a community than anything. I've met a few posters on here personally, and they're all great people. Generally, even though we might poke each other with sticks now and then, most of the people care about others... it's just a shame that the filth is overrunning this forum.

All I'm saying is, if the name calling, trolling, baiting and all that is fair game now, I better not get any warnings when I fight back. Inviting the keyboard warriors to come have drinks with me or come to a race as my guest will be the default response for the rest of my life. I've been banned for much less, but if this is fair game now, I think a few of us who have bitten our tongues in the past have a right to cut loose now.
Yeah, but even there I've noticed that the censor software on this site does not always allow me to accurately express my true feelings :D

But now you know the name calling is appropriate. I can tell you, I'm gonna make this place a lot of fun to read if this is acceptable behavior.
It looks like pretty much anything goes on this forum because nothing is ever done when someone gets out of line. How about a new section where posters having "issues" with eachother can fight it out all they want.
I've seen much worse on other forums. You just gotta ignore the handful of posters here who could be considered keyboard warriors. And I don't mean using the ignore feature (if there is one here). It's useless.

LMAO at guys wanting to meet up and fight after something said on an internet chat forum. That's some grown up stuff right there.:rolleyes:

When I first joined, I asked myself, "just who the eff is this Andy guy?" But after time, I think I got you figured out. Just let that **** roll off your back. Life's too short to be bothered by some internet tough guy.
Emphasis on internet.
Andy, I understand that you're an agitator and I think that you enjoy that roll. I also see the ones who stalk your postings to try get under your skin.

Running to the mods will only encourage more of the same so my advice to you is to do the one thing that people like that cannot stand - ignore them. I don't mean the "ignore" feature but simply let 'em post away, as what they call you reflects directly on them and NO ONE else.

Name calling is childish, immature and the work of mind that has no other recourse...try to have some sympathy for those people.

Keep on pulling those strings.
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