Know the Posters

At the moment .... There Goes My Life and The Woman With You

Both by Kenny Chesney :wub:

Favorite Sleeping Position.

You knew I would be next, how can I eat something that I'm scared to death of.

What kind is it ???? :blink:

Yes. <_<

Gravy Biscuits or Jelly and Butter Biscuits.
Not crazy about either ... watermelon is good cold though.

So watermelon.

Do you read the newspaper ?
I don't swim, I float. Probably ... 5 years ago.

Would rather stay in a condo/cabin or hotel while on vacation?
Cabin or chalet for me.

What is the farthest from home you have ever been?
When I was visiting California, I live in SC.

If you could go back and live in another time period for 1 week, what time period would it be ?
1840s, right where I live.

When was the last time you were photographed?
Not sure, I'm always the one taking pictues. ^_^

Professional - about 8 years ago ... just random family/friends photos ... probably Christmas past, I would guess.

Do you like to play card games ? If so, which ones.
Yes. Harrods in Cherokee, North Carolina .... FUN !!!!

Plays poker online.
I just starting playing on Poker Stars, done Ok first time.

Smart guy .... I talk and laugh too much. Read right through me.

Ever been to a casino themselves.
Only when I can afford it.. which is not that often.

Do you like Home Games?
I like to host a home game every now and again.

Do you have a lot of free time?
Yes... that's when I break out the camera

What are you having for lunch?
Howard Stern, not the other guy.

What kind of pictures do you like taking ?
Racing.. of course, but i do take all kinds. i like to take pictures of low light fashion.. sexy stuff.

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