Kyle busch is better then larsen


Nov 6, 2018
I bet busch will win more races this year. Calling it now

Also unlike revman i am not jumping off the kyle busch bandwagon. Any one who roots for twerp ty gibbs must have a screw loose.

In fact lets go ahead and change my name to kyle busch 8

Mods mods mods where are ya. Oh wait probably out deleting more of my posts
next thing we're gonna see posted here at Racing-Forum' is that Kyle Larson is a B+ player. then Iam going to have to throw the gimmick infringement flag.
first year KB was at JGR he won 8 races
first year at RCR gonna say at least 4
Hey I admire the spirit KB18 (wanna be 8)! Never been a fan of KDB and won’t start now, but it will be the biggest story at the start of the season.
Like I said. He has been trending all week on Twitter and the season hasn't started yet.
In terms of cup career? For sure. Larson's 2021 season is better than any season KB has had. But I'd wager 2015-2019 KB is a better NASCAR driver than Larson has been.

That being said, as an overall talent? No way. Larson is the superior talent.

I may get flack for this, but Kyle Busch's talents have been one of the most hyperbolized stories of the last 15 years. Earlier in his career, and particularly following his 2015-2019 run, the "best talent ever" narrative was pushed hard. Do we all remember that terrible moment when Rick Allen compared him to Dale a conversation with Dale Jr?

He is absolutely without a doubt a top 10 talent...but no more. What has he shown in his NASCAR career, and outside NASCAR for that matter to suggest he's amongst the top top tier of talents to have a cup career? His path to NASCAR has been typical, and outside of young success, and Truck/Xfinity success, he's really just shown to be an all time great talent with an all time great career.

In terms of his contemporaries, Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, Jimmie Johnson and Kyle Larson at their best were absolutely more talented race car drivers, all great cup series champions with MUCH more success outside of NASCAR than KB.

KB is a top 10 all time talent imo, and has had a greater career than Larson. But Larson is a superior talent. And he's not the only cup driver KB has raced with superior talent.

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Mods i am still awaiting the name change. Plz and thx

Also KB > Larsyn

I think that completes the vowels
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