Larson and Bell racing tonight.

Discussion in 'NASCAR chat' started by Clutch, Dec 25, 2018.

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    I've been following Peter Hickman and the bikes. A bucket list race for me along with about ten others.:lol2:

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    Hicky snags the Robert Holden Trophy.:punkrocke

    He also had 2 wins at Mansfield.
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    Ever been to these races @Clutch ?
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    No I haven't. I really should look into it more actively. The 3 events are all on the North Island where I reside. I think Wanganui's Cemetery Circuit would be great to go and see. It's about a 6 hour drive from me.
    Manfield Park in Feilding is 6.5 hour drive and Taupo only 3.5 hours. So Taupo definitely doable.
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    Well I was at the meet last night and had a great time but I ended up arriving late. I worked until 3pm and my younger brother living on the South Isand was flying in at 2.40 pm so I'd pick him up straight after seems as I work at the airport.
    His flight was delayed over 2 hours. [​IMG]
    Any how after getting seated in our seating I went to the pits as I saw Larsen was on the track. The pits are open all night to everyone and its quite exciting to watch inside there as the current competitors come in and the next lot go out.

    Anyhow I did get to see Larson just out of his car and I'll post a couple of pics...he was busy talking to crew chief and mechanics after his laps so I kept a respectful distance away. Last year before the race he would let anyone get a selfie with him and I got a great pic with him that you may recall.
    He is really fan friendly and seems like a genuinely nice guy.
    Now Larson ended up coming in 2nd to our hometown hero Michael Pickens in the 30 lap feature but Larson sure schooled everyone in the heats. MHe is so much fun to watch as is Christopher Bell. That kid is truly awesome and he won the Sprint Car main driving like a bat out of hell!
    So much fun watching them both and Tyler Courtney who had some dramas in the Midget feature.
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    Here's a couple of pics from last night.

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    I've seen Larson several times at Placerville California as a teenager and he truly is something special behind the wheel of a sprinter or midget.
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    Saw some highlights. That track is gorgeous
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    Yesterday's schedule

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    Cool stuff Clutch. Elsewhere down under,

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    Sprint Car Feature | Western Springs Speedway 12.30.18

    Midget Feature | Western Springs Speedway 12.30.18

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    that was cool,thank you brad
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    I missed that meet because of work but I'll be there this coming Saturday.

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