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Feb 14, 2011
Orange Ca
The weather is very cool here and the cars are running some really good numbers this weekend. I'm with Jim Dunn racing again this weekend with Jeff Arend driving the car. We took the last Q- session off last night because we ran a 4.14 in Q-2 and a 4.04 at 310 mph in Q-3 which qualified us 5th. We have Del Worsham in the first round this morning. There is a pretty good battle going on for the funny car championship between Matt Hagen, John Force, and Courtney Force.
I watched it but was at my girlfriend's place and didn't want to post from my phone.

Pretty good racing. Sarge's first round loss was pretty shocking. Great to see Erica win and gain points on Line and Connolly, looks like she's in good shape to clinch the championship, which would be awesome. Most exciting championship will be Funny Car. I think, looking at the points, Courtney would need both Hagan and her old man to lose in the first round at Ponoma to have a shot but things are pretty tight between John and Hagan.

Can't wait for Ponoma. I think I'm more excited for it than the NASCAR finale.
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