Le Tour de France 2023

Powless is this TDF pleasant surprise for me. He is going to need to go deep
to hang on to the dots. Seems he has conserved some energy for the high Alps.
Philipsen is just a beast and has the green is pretty much tied up.
Pogacar has the white done which will be a record that may never be broken.
Would love to see some nice battles for the yellow in the
Alps this weekend but if history repeats itself they will wait till
the last 5k of the final mtn stage next week to make the serious move.
I am giving a slight edge to Jonas to win.

Also waiting to see what Hindley has for the 2 favorites.
Stage 13 - Pogacar is up for a fight. I did not think he was in his best form.
Steve Perrino did an incredible interview withJonas' dad, Klaus Vingegaard.
Gave a lot of insight about Jonas as a child. His dad said Jonas did not blossom
as a winner till his late teens. It was an amazing interview by a proud dad.
What an amazing Tour this year. Will go down as one
of the greatest in history. First and second seperated by just 10 seconds
after 2 weeks of racing.One more week to go.
It's over.
Vingegaard wins the time trial with by a whopping 98 seconds over Pogacar who himself was 73 seconds ahead of van Aert in 3rd.
Three of the five remaining stages are flat, there's no way Pogacar will be able to close the gap tomorrow in Courchevel or Saturday in the Vosges.
Its going to be tough for Pogacar and the lacking horsepower
UAE has compared to Jumbo. If Pogacar was to make a late move
in one of the remaining mtn stages he will have to do it on his own
and for a long distance. He may be better off by trying to sneak away
with a breakway even though thats not the GC thing to do or even
Yep, after his road rash from his earlier crash , Tadej is half the
rider he needs to be right now. This may be the white flag moment.
There's still a "Dumb and Dumber " chance.
The cars and motorcycles have NOT had a good tour.
Lets see how crazy this narrow final descent is .
Felix Gall was ranked 10th coming into todays stage so he is legit .
The peloton never gave the breakaway more than 80 seconds yet failed to catch them.
No I have never ! That was awesome 3 of the 4 in the breakaway stayed away - albiet by seconds.
I bet the sprinters dont let that happen again Friday.

Shocked about Wout , but certainly understand.

Tour de France Prize Money​

As was the case last year, the total purse in Euros for this year's Tour de France is €2,581,029, which is about $2.8 million US dollars. Whoever comes in first at the end of the race will bring home €500,000 ($556,547). Second place receives €200,000 ($222,619) and third place gets €100,000 ($113,309). Each placement descends in payout from there until 19th place, which comes with €1,100 ($1,224). From 20th place to 160th place each biker receives €1,000 ($1,113).

For 3 weeks of burning your candle down every day. Sad when you think about the money
the PGA and LIV or throwing around .
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