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    He’ll be remembered more as an automotive exec. but his history in racing is what I remember.

    The Ford racing program of 1963-70 was a thing of wonder; F1, LeMans, Indy, Nascar, NHRA, Trans Am, off road. We will never see its likes again.”


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    Godspeed Lee Iaccoca.

    He fostered so much innovation in the auto industry. I don't really think of him as a racer, but a heck of a car guy who used performance to sell cars. I've owned quite a few Mustangs, minivans, Chrysler K-cars, etc.

    It's spooky that I was thinking about him just last night, trying to remember if he was still alive or when had he passed. This thought was triggered by a race on my DVR that bled into a Mecum auction that featured many Mustangs. To learn today that he had passed yesterday... kinda spooky.
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