Loomis says watch Stewart and Martin



Jeff Gordons's crew chief Robby Loomis of course figure the DuPont team is going to figure into the points chase all season. But two drivers he feels that are gonna make the battle this year very tough are Tony Stewart and Mark Martin. Being far from a ignoramous a mention is also given to JJ.

"It's still real tight, and we feel real good about the points," Loomis said. "Coming into the season we felt that Tony Stewart's team was going to be the team to beat. And we're still kind of looking at it that way. So we feel good about where we are, based on where they are.

"And Mark Martin is doing a great job. All the Roush cars have been good. And this is probably Mark's chance of a lifetime to win a championship, so I'm sure you'll see him strong. When he's up, he can be tough, because he fights for everything."

And Loomis puts teammate Jimmie Johnson in the title mix too. Even though he's just a rookie, he's got two wins.
Loomis better watch that silver bullet,I would love for Martin to win it,But Sterling isn't gonna lay down,and quit.:)
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