Lucas Oil Dragboats season opener


Skeptical of the Spectacle
Feb 24, 2013
Irvine Lake friday thru sunday! First time Nationally sanctioned dragboats have raced on the lake in 27 years. I don't know about any TV coverage anytime soon but I am damn excited! If anyone in the SoCal area want to attend it's $50 fri thru sun, $20 sat, and $25 for Sunday.
I will be there on Sat, and maybe Sun if my friends brand new cracker box runs good. They are taking the boat out there tomorrow and parking it. They might get to test some tomorrow also. Here is a vid of the first time they fired it up.
I love crackerboxes! I lurk on boat forums. Apparently P 550 is going to be the class of the field! I think there's going to be a decent circle boat count and a great crowd! Lots of local attention on this race. :D :D
I just got back from Irvine lake and there are a lot of nice looking boats there. I'm suppose to go back tonight for a BBQ.
What a killer weekend. Speed Sport went 255 on Saturday, Problem child went 260 on Sunday in the semi's.. I left before the final round though... a cracker box flipped, and a Top Alcohol Flatbottom disintegrated and damn near took out a low-flying helicopter right in front of me. Luckily everyone was ok, The driver of the alcohol flattie did suffer an apparent broken ankle though. Good boats, good crowd, cooperating weather. I can't wait for the event next year!
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