Lucky Boy Chad Reed

Yeah, I saw this on SPEEDcenter. You don't see a guy launched that high up in the air too often in motocross or supercross, whichever it is.

It reminded me of this crash. Not to go too off topic, but these guys trying to land the first ever front flip in X-Games competition are nuts, too. It's been 3 or 4 years now and no one's come close. bad was he hurt?

oh, I found this about Paris....
This is from Paris' facebook -

Thank you everyone for all the prayers and well wishes! That was one gnarly crash! Just thank god I can walk! Broken lower back, severed liver, broken rib cage, seperated hip, and bruised lung.
Chad Reed did'nt suffer any major injurys, butt I bet the soreness still hasn't gone away. What really amazes me is he jumped back on the bike and hit the very next jump WAO ( wide ass open ) and finished 14th! He's Tough!!
Wishing Chad the best, he suffered a nasty fall in Dallas last night.

the story

For the last few weeks he has been Villopoto's biggest competition and looked faster last night, prior to going over the handle bars.
Sucks for Chad but this is how it goes in supercross. I'm loving this season so far though, I really enjoy seeing James Stewart choke under the pressure in the main almost every week.
Yes Stewart is blowing it big time. He has the talent, but I question his discipline.

I like Reed and Villopoto. It is strange Reed looked more in control at Dallas, and Villopoto wasnt keeping the feet on the pegs.

I have enjoyed watching Reed getting two two better with time. The crashed sucked, Reed has the passion, and you could tell that he was hurting Saturday night. Reed says he wants to be ready to run again,after they finish the indoor arenas in May, I think that's to soon.

Happy to see Villopoto mature, he knows when to press and cruise.
Ya I was shocked when Reed lost it, I never wanna see guys get hurt. It also sucks too cause even though I like Villopoto I would have rather seen a good championship race but I think Villopoto has it all wrapped up now.
^ I totally agree
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