Maldin Doubles Ohio



With Bosstrom out, all Maldin had to do is finish ahead of his teammate Yates. and he did but I don't think he expected the pressure from Curtis Roberts. Here is some of what Maldin had to say....

"I wanted to see what Kurtis was up to," he said of his early race with Roberts. "I didn't get a very good start, but I got up behind Kurtis before long and wanted to see what he was doing. I went by him and stepped up the pace a little bit and we pulled a bit more of a gap on everybody. I let Kurtis back by because I couldn't get away from him. But when I let him back by he dropped straight back into the low-to-mid eights... I figured I'd better pass him and pick it a little bit. That's what we did and when we did, it put Kurtis in a little bit of trouble."

Mladin now has a 33-point championship advantage with four races remaining. "That's good. Should be a lot more though."

Points after...

Pos. Pts. Rider name RD 1 RD 2 RD 3 RD 4 RD 5 RD 6 RD 7 RD 8 RD 9 RD 10 RD 11 RD 12 RD 13 RD 14 RD 15 RD 16 RD 17 RD 18
1 431 M. MLADIN 25
2 398 A. YATES 27
3 376 B. BOSTROM
4 350 E. BOSTROM
5 349 K. ROBERTS
6 332 M. DUHAMEL
8 299 S. HIGBEE
10 212 J. SZOKE
11 211 L. PEGRAM
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