Man its Hot


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Sep 18, 2001
The heat index is 105:( The low was only 75 and it isn't getting any better this week.
I don't know what it is here, right now. And, to be honest, I don't want to know! LOL

Just looked --- officially, it's 95. So, with humidity it's probably around 105 heat index here, too.

Now I know why I'm staying inside today.
I hear that, its 94 here now, Going be hot in the foundry tommorow. The bad part is that we have fans blowing that 95degree heat in and it feels cool:( We start at 5 am and I am sweatin no later than 12 after, hehe. If a 10hr shift wasn't bad enough, the heat sure makes it worse
Well, y'all need to move to Atlanta suburbs. A cool 92 with humidity only 46%. From what I see on the weather channel, it's even worse than you guys have it in NJ, NY, DC and MA.
It's actually not too bad in New York today. Around 90 with 38% humidity.

You should've been here last week. You could've stewed in your own juices.
How hot is it?
Its so hot here,Even the trees are laying in the shade. :p
It's quite hot here in Volunteer country, that's for sure. It's not as humid as it was last week but nonetheless it's plenty hot. Whew.
Damn Tropical here!I would like to blame the 'green-house effect'but I think it has always been this hot in the heart of dixie!I am just older now and notice it more,I guess.When I was a kid,I would run,play,climb trees,etc.from daylight till dark and it was hot bot didn't affect me like it seems to these days.I guess I am just getting old!
The heat index was 110 today.:( Those were the days 97. I was the same way, but we were out there all year round, and got used to it. Now I only go outside when I have to.:)
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